For over 40 years Helisika Agricultural has been providing Helicopter Spraying services to the Upper North Island, Waikato and Coromandel regions. We have always placed a great importance on completing all jobs to the
highest standard possible.

We offer a variety of helicopter spraying services which is achieved with easily reconfigured equipment that is maintained to a high standard.

Helisika Agricultural is able to offer the following Helicopter Spraying Services

  • Pasture Spraying 
  • Scrub Spraying
  • Forestry Spraying 
  • Facial Eczema Spraying
  • Liquid Fertiliser Spraying
  • Wet and Forget Spraying
  • Glasshouse Roof Spraying
  • Native Release Spraying
  • Insecticide Spraying
  • Spot Spraying 
  • Roof Spraying
  • Crop Spraying

All our aircraft are fitted with Tabula GPS tracking systems (Formally Tracpmap) which allows clients to accurately map spray blocks from home with the FarmVision online system. These maps are then shared with pilots which allows accurate application of sprays and proof of placement.

Our aircraft are supported by experienced and appropriately trained Ground Crew, paired with Toyota Landcruisers and 2000 Litre Fuel Trailers. Along with a range of pumping and mixing equipment, we are able to offer a variety of aerial spray solutions. 

Helisika Agricultural is able to supply chemicals at competitive pricing providing savings for clients. Clients only pay for the chemicals we use, no wastage and you will not have old stock sitting around.

We stock a wide range of chemicals for various applications.

We are supported by Nufarm NZ and Agpro NZ who provide us with expert knowledge which ensures we apply the right chemical for your application.


Helicopter Aerial Spraying benefits are:

  • Consistent accurate coverage of the product across all types of terrain
  • Cheaper than ground spraying 
  • Fast & efficient operation regardless of ground conditions equates to less interruption
  • No wheel marks left behind such as with ground sprayers
  • Ability to load close to spray block ensuring reduced cost and savings to clients compared to fixed wing
  • Tip Vortices that come off the rotor blades allow for product distribution to the underside of the plants
  • Efficient use of chemicals
  • Downwash from rotor blades pushes the product deep into the plant


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