Precision Lifting

Helisika Helicopters is a preferred contractor for Auckland Council, Department of Conservation, and many Northland, Auckland, Coromandel, and Waikato contractors for Helicopter Lifting services. This is due to our highly efficient and safe precision lifting operation.

Utilising helicopters in the building industry is a cost-effective solution for transporting and positioning materials into sites.

Helisika Helicopters is able to provide the following Helicopter Lifting Services:

  • Precise placement of materials and prefabricated structures into sites with limited access
  • Spreading, or stockpiling, of bulk materials such as metal, concrete, sand, etc
  • Removal of debris and material, such as fallen trees, slash, wrecked vehicles, etc
  • Transportation of personnel into remote sites through use of human external transport system 

Helisika Helicopters is able to lift the following: 

  • Building Materials 
  • Gravel, Concrete, sand, and other bulk materials 
  • Pools, and Spas
  • Food, and Supplies 
  • Prefabricated structures such as sheds, building frames, containers, huts, etc
  • Air conditioning units 
  • Water tanks
  • Beehives 
  • Diggers and other equipment

Helisika Helicopters provides a highly efficient and safe lifting operation thanks to highly skilled and appropriately trained Crewman and Pilots. All operations adhere to Civil Aviation Authority Rules and Regulations.

Helicopters prove to be a cost-effective solution when compared to cranes and other ground-based options, with jobs being completed in a fraction of the time, and with less disturbance to locals.
With single and multi-engine helicopters available, we can safely place materials into almost any site, even where a crane cannot.

We are able to fly over water with loads therefore removing the need for barging of materials to islands.
Helisika Helicopters is an Auckland Council Pest Free Accredited contractor meaning we are able to work on all Hauraki gulf islands. This is due to a rigorous in-house pest control program

Helisika Helicopter Equipment

  • Electric Release Hook – Allows remote release of cargo by pilot
  • Manual Release Hook – Allows release of cargo by ground crew
  • Lifting Lines of various lengths – Allows placement of cargo while reducing effect of helicopter downwash
  • Ground Operated Gravel and Concrete Skips – Allows for spread of material controlled by ground Crew
  • Pilot Operated Gravel and Concrete Skips – Allows for remote release of material
  • Webbed Lifting Slings – For attachment of load to hook
  • Cargo Nets – For cartage of large, or awkward shaped material
  • Bulk Lifting Bags – For bulk materials
  • Pilot Operated Fire Bucket – For cartage of liquid material such as hydroseed
  • Human External Transport System – For transport and placement of staff into remote access sites
  • Various sized hooks and shackles – For load attachment
  • Hydraulic Grapple for grabbing material by pilot without need for ground crew


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