Our Fleet

Helisika Helicopters operates a fleet of Squirrel Helicopters, which are one of the most commonly used helicopters in New Zealand and the world, and this is because they are one of the most versatile aircraft on the market.


Originally designed and manufactured by Eurocopter as the AS350 (a-star), the squirrel helicopters are now manufactured by Airbus now with the name h125.

Cruise Speed = 140 knts

Passengers = 5 + Pilot

Horsepower = 847 shp

Useful Load = 1400 kg


Cruise Speed = 125 knts

Passengers = 5 + Pilot

Horsepower = 732 shp

Useful Load = 1000 kg

Helisika Helicopters offers a wide range of helicopter role equipment which is easily reconfigured to suit client requirements.
  • Spray Gear suitable for each Helicopter 
  • An array of spraying nozzles suitable for many application 
  • Onboard flowmeters for accurate measurement of chemical rates 
  • Belly hooks for underslung loads
  • Pilot activated electric release lifting lines and manual release lifting lines 
  • Load cells for accurate weighing of loads
  • Various types of underslung gravel skips for different applications 
  • Fertiliser buckets for topdressing 
  • IMS CloudBurst Collapsible Fire Buckets

All our helicopters are fitted with the following Safety Equipment:

  • Tracmap Airvision System for Job management, and proof of placement
  • Spidertracks & Tracplus for real-time tracking linked to ARENA for FENZ fire and emergency rapid response tracking. 
  • ADS-B Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast aircraft surveillance system.
  • Eye in the sky flight data recording system 
  • High Visibility blades


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