HELICOPTER Topdressing

For over 35 years, Helisika Agricultural has specialized in Helicopter Topdressing spraying for the Upper North Island, Waikato, and Coromandel regions.  We have always placed a great importance on completing all jobs to the highest standard possible.

We offer a variety of Helicopter Topdressing services which is achieved with easily reconfigured equipment that is maintained to a high standard.
Helisika Agricultural is able to offer the following HelicopterTopdressing Services:
  • Fertiliser Application 
  • Lime Application
  • Slurry (Liquid Fertiliser)
  • Oversow Seeding
  • Bulk or bagged fertiliser
  • Baiting

All our aircraft are fitted with Tabula GPS tracking systems (Formally Tracmap) which allows clients to accurately map spreading blocks from home with the FarmVision online system. These maps are then shared with pilots which allows accurate application of sprays and proof of placement.

We have developed our own efficient fertiliser loading and handling systems, whether the product is bulk or bagged, or in solid, prill, or fine form, we offer a solution that will work for many applications. Loading is possible with either our Merlo Telehandler and custom loading bucket, or IMS Ground Effect Loading System which allows loading from a variety of different locations

Helicopter Aerial Top Dressing Benefits are:

  • Consistent accurate coverage of the product across all types of terrain
  • Loading is possible from almost anywhere thanks to our custom loading systems, allowing more central loading which ensures cost savings for clients
  • Airstrip is not required 
  • Can load from trucks, bags, or from bulk bins
  • Fast & efficient operation regardless of ground conditions equates to less interruption
  • No wheel marks left behind such as with ground spreaders


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