One of Helisika Helicopters Main point of difference would be the Squirrel B2 helicopter has a drop down window

Particularly better if you are doing a multitude of sites, allowing the photographer to drop down the window to take the photograph and close it once completed, keeping the cockpit closed from drafts as opposed to have a door removed making the cockpit extremely cold for the entire journey which can be very uncomfortable and reduces flying speed.

Helisika Helicopters Squirrel B2 helicopter is a very powerful helicopter, the benefit of this is the helicopter can put the photographer on the shot and accelerate quickly to avoid any danger.

At Helisika Helicopters we had a recent example,

A client requiring photos of a multitude of historic sites including great barrier. The client wanted to travel 10-15 km between sites with the door off, this reduces flying speed, open doors and drafts also pose the possibly danger of items being blown around the cabin, where as the drop window down can be shut eliminating these problems.

Helisika Helicopters use safety harness in both the MD530FF and the Robinson R44 helicopters.