Helisika Helicopters operates a fleet of Squirrel Helicopters, which are one of the most commonly used helicopters in New Zealand and the world, and this is because they are one of the most versatile aircraft on the market.

Originally designed and manufactured by Eurocopter as the as350 (a-star), the squirrel helicopters are now manufactured by Airbus now with the name h125.

Our Commercial Operation Helicopters are fitted with specialist equipment that allows us to lift heavy loads including construction material, timber, concrete and metal. Helicopter lifting is a great option if you’re working on hard to access or remote locations

Airbus AS350 B3e/H125

Jet turbine powered helicopter with over 1250kg on hook lift capacity. Cruise 140Kts, 847Shp. Seating for 5 passengers and also can be fitted with Spray gear for spraying.
  • Lift Capability: 1250kg
  • Passenger Capacity: 5 Passengers
  • Cruise Speed: 245km

As350 B

Jet turbine-powered helicopter with over 1000kg on hook lift capacity. Cruise 125Kts, 732Shp. Seating for 5 passengers and also can be fitted with Spray gear for spraying.

  • Lift Capability: 1000kg
  • Passenger Capacity: 5 Passengers
  • Cruise Speed: 245km

All our helicopters are fitted with the following Safety Equipment:

  • Tracmap Airvision System for Job management, and proof of placement
  • Spidertracks & Tracplus for real time tracking linked to ARENA for FENZ fire and emergency rapid response tracking.
  • ADS-B Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast aircraft surveillance system.
  • Eye in the sky flight data recording system
  • High Visibility blades

Helisika Helicopters offers a wide range of helicopter role equipment which is easily reconfigured to suit client requirements.

  • Spray Gear for each Helicopter
  • Low Drift spray booms
  • Micronair Spray Booms
  • On board flow meters
  • On board load cells
  • Underbelly hook systems
  • Metal Skips
  • Concrete Skips
  • Chains, Strops, nets
  • Futurespread revolutionary Suspension
    Fertiliser Spreading System
  • Dry fertiliser buckets
  • Monsoon Buckets with foam injection
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Our fleet is fully serviced and regularly checked, maintained by certified engineers and CAA audited

We have invested in a wide range of ground equipment and staff training.

Ground Support Equipment

  • Merlo TF35.7 - 115 telehandler for gravel and fertiliser loading
  • Volvo transporter truck with a 10 metre Palfinger crane to move loads and fertiliser mixing systems.
  • IMS Ground Effect fertiliser loading system
  • A fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers for carrying support equipment and personnel
  • Hino 300 4wd Flat Deck Trucks
  • A Fleet of 2000 litre mobile Jet A1 fuel tankers


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